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The chamber musicians Elodie Théry (cello), Meredith Kuliew (viola) and Nevena Tochev (violin) met in 2019 during their master's studies at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and immediately appreciated their shared musical understanding. Quickly, the trio turned into a lively sound body and the musicians delved into the captivating repertoire of the string trio. TriOlogie String Trio played numerous concerts in Switzerland as well as in Germany and Denmark, among others in cooperation with the Schauspielhaus Zurich and the Mondrian Ensemble. The trio was endorsed by Christian Poltéra, Isabel Charisius, Esther Hoppe and Isabelle van Keulen.

With intuition, passion and lightness, the energetic musicians bring classics as well as unknown works of literature for string trio to life. TriOlogie String Trio impresses with a wide range of differentiated timbres and convinces with technical precision. The equality of the instruments and the soloistic demands of the string trio genre merge with emotional depth and infectious joy of playing at TriOlogie String Trio. In their concerts, the ensemble interprets the music powerfully and modernly. The virtuoso chamber ensemble is known for its thrilling performances and sees itself with its modern appearance as a translator of classical music into today's time.

TriOlogie String Trio komprimiert.jpg
Elodie Théry
Meredith Kuliew TriOlogie komprimiert.jpg
Meredith Kuliew
Nevena Tochev

TriOlogie String Trio enjoys playing with guest musicians. In the past the ensemble has also performed with:

Anna Mikolasek, violin

Linda Egli, violin

Tabea Frei, violin

Lidewji Faber, cello

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